Homegrown Stories



Here’s an oddball, a brief snippet of a rewrite of a story from many, many years ago. It may or may not ever see the light of day...I got about 250 pages into it and ran out of talent. But this first bit was so inspired and wonderful that I just couldn’t throw it into the digital dustbin, and I share it with you here. As it never really had a better name, I just picked something random as a title.


As I look back at some of this stuff I’ve compiled over the years, it seems to me there’s a lot of material I’ve started and never finished. Well, this isn’t just such a thing...it’s actually kinda sorta done. Kinda sorta. If you were to read it you will find things which need to be edited, clarified, or cut, but as a whole it’s got a beginning, a middle, and, for a change, an end. So here you can see a story as it flowed out of me, still embryonic but mostly grown.



Another NaNoWriMo project…amazingly, complete (more or less) in less than a month! At the time, probably the single most productive twenty-six days I've ever lived, this is based on characters from pretty much all of the stories listed below, and it kinda explains the thought process behind each.


No, this has nothing to do with bricklaying, though that is certainly a noble occupation. No, this is about another Brickyard, the one at 16th and Georgetown in Indianapolis, and specifically about one not-so-young man’s dreams about it. Originally a NaNoWriMo project.


This is actually a short segment (not even a chapter) which spilled from me during a Great Plains Development class in Fargo, North Dakota. I wrote when I probably should’ve been studying but there you go. It introduces three of the main characters of the story and details one of their adventures.



Another segment of River of Jordan, this one taking place several years and another identity (soon, all will be made know!) subsequent to Adventures in Surveying. If you haven’t already, read that one first; otherwise, enjoy.


GYPSIES   (1986/Present)

A long time ago I began a series I called the Breckinridge Books, because they all took place (or began) in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Well, I have since eschewed the “series” as hackneyed and trite...it’s okay to write books that link, but to sell them as “book one, book two” etc. is bad marketing. This was to have been the last (well, maybe) of the Breckinridge Books and would bring the epic to a more-or-less logical conclusion. Based in no small part on true events and real people, believe it or not.