The Most High and Holy List of Bookstores


THE READING ROCK  (Dickson TN) More a new book shop but charming and well-appointed, and they do boast a large back room full of used volumes as well. I bought my last “Clockwork Century” title here so you know it’s cool. Also has a great selection of bookmarks and reading ephemera.

MCKAY’S  (Nashville TN and elsewhere) It’s Big, it’s Bad, and it’s still the Best. Sometimes you’ve got to dig for treasure, but it’s worth it. Locations in Nashville, Chattanooga, and (supposedly) Knoxville. Books, CDs and more! I bought a gently used Kindle here for $19.95!

DUCK RIVER BOOKS (Columbia TN) This is a very cool little shop on the square in Columbia. It’s clean, well-stocked, and has a nice selection of genre fiction that I appreciated. They also carry Peter Pauper bookmarks, my favorite. It’s a fun place, and do make sure you visit the washroom while visiting. Trust me on this!

MELODY’S ONE STOP BOOK SHOPPE  (Columbia TN) A diamond in the rough in the Wilds of Columbia, a trip to Melody’s is like a safari. It smells so good in there. Packed to the rafters with tight aisles, so bring glasses if you require them. Be prepared to spend hours!

RHINO BOOKSELLERS  (Nashville TN) Any bookstore with a shop cat gets our nod. Used and rare and a great place to troll...and an entertaining neighborhood too. Somehow I can always find something interesting here. Just down the road from...

THE GREAT ESCAPE  (Nashville TN and elsewhere) More music than anything else, but comic books and just plain books as well as DVDs can be found here. Locations in Nashville, Madison, Bowling Green, and Louisville (and yes, we have been to all four!)

ELDER’S BOOKSTORE  (Nashville TN) The oldest and finest? Maybe. This is another we haven’t visited lately because the prices are high and the help was less than gracious on our previous visits. Still, now that they’ve moved it might be time to check them out again...and their collection is amazing.

BOOKS AT CUMMINS STATION  (Nashville TN) Well-stocked, if perhaps a little cramped (only Melody’s is worse...or is it better?) The fellow that runs it also sells music and usually will be playing something he’s selling...and he always seems to have something good on. A nice and varied selection of genres too. Bring change for the parking meters!

HOWLIN’ BOOKS (Nashville TN) Well, why not a book store next to the best used music store in town? That store would be Grimey’s, and Howlin’ is a relatively new place right next to it. Parking is a bit dicey but worth the effort for the selection and the companionship. Also I love their bookmarks!

STORES BELOW ARE NOT VERIFIED Which just means we haven’t been there yet, but are including them for the sake of completeness. It’s inevitable we get to these places eventually.

DEFUNCT BOOKS (Nashville TN) Here’s an oddity...a used book store we haven’t been to yet! It looks good and even sells online, so hopefully we’ll be able to move this one into our recommended list soon!

LANDMARK BOOKSELLERS (Franklin TN) Located in “The Factory” in historic Franklin, we will admit we have not been to this one yet and are relying on suggestions. Looks like it’s mostly “used and rare” but there’s nothing wrong with that. I would like to spend some serious time browsing here.

THE GRUMP BOOKPEDDLER (Murfreesboro TN) I want to go here just because it’s called The Grumpy Bookpeddler. Also he offers Veterans discounts, and his shop looks very cool.

HARPER’S BOOKS (Lebanon TN) Yet another we somehow haven’t managed to get to yet. Perhaps the next time we are in the area to go to Vesta Glade or Cedars of Lebanon...

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Sherlock’s Books (Lebanon TN), Book Den (Franklin TN), Book Attic (Madison TN) Walker’s Books (Fairview TN), Bodacious Books (Nashville TN), Bettie’s Books and More (Lebanon TN), Peeble’s Used Books (Nashville TN), 1001 Paperbacks (Louisville KY) Griffith Used Book Store (the original, Griffith IN)